Principal’s December Note

You’re a parent of an ACA student.  You care about your kids and that they experience and learn.   You trust your ACA staff to teach them well and to guide them in growing up and getting along.  You’re glad the school can teach not only academic and character lessons, but also encourage each student’s spiritual life.  We as staff want those things, too.

We’ve just come through a season of fundraisers, and you’ve done well! Some came to the Brazil Dessert Night.  The perogy supper was well-attended and raised roughly $5000.  The Living Books sale gave the school some free books.  Thanks!

It was great to get to know more of you through the Parent/Teacher
interviews.  Each conversation was different, based on if I was responding more as the principal, as a teacher, or as a Christian brother.  In interviews where the student was present, it was a good reminder to not focus too much on difficulties, but to be an encourager and praise the good.

Since our last parent meeting, some of us have also discussed the topic of Bible versions/translations.  I learned that it was something that has been brought up every so often, and it was a big step a while back to formally allow versions other than the KJV for personal comparison.  I had originally brought this up because I want students to understand God’s word better, but I recognize the topic uncovers deeper issues of truth, accuracy, motive, and submission to authority—God’s and the Church’s.  I have great respect and agreement with the desire to stay true to what God has revealed, even as the world’s culture changes around us.  In all our deliberations and discernment about God’s will in this matter, I want to affirm the importance of unity and love, and of knowing God better (Theme verses for the year:  Jeremiah 9:23-24)

We’ve got such a great country school that the mice and skunks heard about it and came to check us out.  I am grateful to the parents on the Maintenance Team, the Board, and others who have come to dispose of the mice in the Kindergarten vents and the skunk on the playground.  After hearing the reports of the skunk catchers and after checking with Public Health, I am confident there’s no risk of rabies to our students; the skunk did not exhibit rabies-specific symptoms, and the virus is transferred only into a bite/cut by liquid saliva, which will have dried by the time we arrived at school the next day.

We’re looking forward to the various Christmas traditions of ACA:  raising money (for Penners in Thailand) and food for charity (Christmas Cheer Board), the “Secret Angels” game for the Junior and Senior Highs (anonymous gifts and pranks), and of course the concert December 14 at 7:30.  You’re invited!

All of these things are inspired by the unique event we call the
Incarnation—the ridiculous self-humbling of the Creator to join in the suffering of his creation to ultimately redeem it.

David Kruse

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